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Pentecost Sunday – 5th June 2022 Rev Maui Tourangi delivered the sermon on Pentecost Sunday which leads us into the longest season on the sacred calendar: Season After Pentecost. As we work toward celebrating Advent once again, we will be carrying forward the theme of Pentecost with the theme: Practicing our Faith with Christ’s Spirit…

Daily Discussions 14

2022 | Term 2 | Week 5 | June 6-10 This week, kids learned in Acts 2:4 about the day of Pentecost and how the Church was born. All of the disciples were together in one place in Jerusalem when suddenly they were filled with the Holy Spirit and able to speak in different languages…

Holy Helper

Year C – Pentecost Sunday  |  Genesis 11:1-9; Psalm 104:24-34, 35b; Acts 2:1-21; John 14:8-17 (25-27) Pentecost was a Jewish festival now connected to the Christian Church. The first Christians were Jews. They followed God’s word as revealed to them. They would later learn that Christ was the mediator of a New Testament. The transition…

Daily Discussions 13

2022 | Term 2 | Week 4 | May 30-June 3 This week, kids learned in John 17:20-26 that Jesus prayed for His friends that they would be united in love so the world would see His love through His friends’ actions and behaviors. They found out that Jesus asks them to work together with…

Fresh Beginnings

Ascension Sunday – 29th May 2022 History reports Jesus walked among his disciples forty days after resurrecting from the dead. He spoke daily about the kingdom of God. He promised a power to come upon the Church. That power would be the Holy Spirit of God. That power was demonstrated as Jesus ascended up into…

Worship Service 29 May 2022

Download the liturgy here for Ascension Sunday 9.30 am service. This week, the service also recognises Samoan Language Week.


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