Community Centre

St John’s Community Centre is located at 120 Great South Road, Papatoetoe. Its spaces provide opportunities to work in partnership with local community groups, some of which are featured below. You can find the story of our Centre’s history here. There is a hall and several rooms of varying sizes for meetings. Contact us for more information. Please go to EVENTS for updated list of other courses being offered at St Johns Community Centre independent of our sponsored classes

Adult and Community Education

We provide space for activities and classes delivered by Aorere. These include ESOL, Texting, Yoga, Self Esteem, Literacy and Numeracy, Life and living, Bible exploration and courses for those in residential care or with disabilities. Enrolment for all courses is essential.

Current Schedule of Classes held at St Johns in partnership with Aorere

Hello all,

Please see below the courses for Term 2 (17th May 2022). We have limited space available in the course, kindly confirm the names and numbers of Students who would like to attend these courses.

Seats will be confirmed once payment made, this is so we can ensure that the courses, which run on ACE funding for the Tutors are able to go ahead. Our website is [click on Community Centre for all the courses].

Please send email at ‘’ with student’s name and course they would like to enroll in so the tentative hold can be placed, otherwise phone and leave a detailed message DD 09 278 2746.

All courses take place at:              St Johns Community Centre
                                                        120 Great South Road,
Hunters Corner, Papatoetoe.

Papatoetoe Office

We provide space for education programmes provided by Inner City Women’s Group. The programmes focus on domestic violence prevention and support, understanding anger, parenting skills, building self-esteem and stopping violence for women. You can find more information here.

Papatoetoe Classes

We provide space for education programmes provided by the South Auckland brank of English Language Partners. The programmes focus on meeting the everyday English needs for living in our community. You can fin more information here.

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