Defining God’s Goodness

Year B Pentecost 9 – 2 Samuel 11:1-15; Psalm 14; Ephesians 3:14-21; John 6:1-21

The goodness of God is often defined by the human struggle with evil’s existence. Many deny God’s existence because it goes beyond human comprehension that a good God would allow evil to exist. David’s story of adultery and murder argues to the contrary. God in God’s goodness did not allow the evil to go unnoticed.

The psalmist defines foolishness as the absence of seeking God in one’s life. Such actions elevate oneself as god and misses out the goodness God provides those who seek God. God’s goodness is detailed as providing fellowship with good people, refuge from the bad people that disrupt your plans, and restoration from injustice.

The Early Church learned that God provided value in life. God’s Spirit strengthens your inner being giving character through life’s hardships. God’s Son provides a love beyond human measurements. There is a fullness in life with God. That fullness is illustrated in the Gospel as enabling communities to be fed, resources to be conserved, and peace to be found amid tumultuous situations.

Evil’s existence is not proof for a non-existent God; it is the backdrop for God’s goodness to be highlighted.

The writer of Ephesians carries this understanding into the new covenant relationship with Christ. God is merciful and steadfast in love and desires to be involved with Jews and Gentiles. There is a reinvention of Creation of sorts “through the cross”. Peace is fruit of God’s work.

The Gospel gives a practical aspect of the apostle’s theory. Jesus attended to the concerns of others ensuring disciples receive a rest.

We learn more about who God is by how God interacted with others. God is forgiving and works to reconcile sinners to God’s self. Any definition of God needs to embrace God is faithful and steadfast beyond human comprehension.

God is here for you today, whether you want God to be or not. That is who God is.

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