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Karaka Mo Ngā Tamariki 2021

Remembering… Ongoing Questions

The single greatest secret to going deeper in relationships is to ask great questions. There is something about a great question that pulls you deeper, makes you think, and unveils the truth. When you aren’t satisfied living on the surface, questions take you to another level.

Do you want to take your friendships, marriage, and care-giving to another level?—ask questions (and be genuinely interested in the answers).

Great questions can reveal important things in a passage or relationship, cut through the fog and get to the heart of a matter, and can transform your perspective and life.

And it’s often the question behind the question that begins to give you greater depth.

Practicing Asking the Questions

Example of asking questions:

  • “How was your day?”
  • “Good.”
  • To stop without asking another question (the question behind the question) limits your understanding and doesn’t give you an opportunity for growth, greater relationship, and insight. So ask another question …
  • “What made the day good?” or “What could you do right now that would make this day fantastic and go beyond merely good?” or “What does good mean to you? And why use that term to describe the day?”

Now sit and make a list of ten questions you have about the world. What have you always wondered about…about science, about technology, about the environment, about your body, about God?


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