What is Intergenerational?

The address by Theresa Cho above was given at PCANZ GA 2021. She is from St John’s Presbyterian Church San Francisco and was the keynote speaker for the online GA.

Her address caused quite a lot of comment and discussion in the Church.

I asked Theresa to talk about intergenerational connection. She is well respected for her work in this area.

I had listened to her speaking on this topic in various settings and was impressed.

I did think that the intergenerational theme was a unifying one – something we could all really agree to get in behind!

I did not expect her to talk about gender, sexuality and either/or vs both/and theological thinking. However, upon reflection, and based on my own observations, these three areas of gender, sexuality and how we think spiritually are key discussion points in the way the Church connects with the younger generation.

I am very keen for us to have this conversation. My hope is that as a Church we can bat up against what Theresa has said in a constructive manner, addressing how we might deal with these issues in our own context.

Hamish Galloway

The above an excerpt from The Bush Telegraph (November 2021)

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