Foundation Stone Trowel

We honour our past and build today on its foundation to prepare our children for their future.

Archives displayed 30 November 2021

We appreciate Lloyd Humby compiling a special display now hanging inside the auditorium.

The case is one of the old bookshelves used to house hymn books. They were distributed to church goers as they entered the church and then collected before they left.

On top of the display case our samples of the original hymn books used. The book ends also have historic significance having been handmade as a wedding gift.

The Bible on display represents the original one used for public readings many years ago.

There are communion coins first used in 1855. Traditional Presbyterian Christianity would distribute coins by elders as they visited parish members. The visits not only informed members of the special quarterly communion service time, it gave opportunity to review their qualification to receive communion! Today we enjoy open communion, leaving it between the recipient one our Lord to determine if they qualify.

There is a brochure advertising St John’s Papatoetoe appearing to be from 1950s.

The trowel prominently featured was used to lay the foundation stone of our current building back in 1922!

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