Praising God’s Glory

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Year C Christmas 2 –  Jeremiah 31:7-14; Psalm 147:12-20; Ephesians 1:3-14; John 1:1-18

Season 2, Episode 6

As our calendar year closes and another begins, the sacred calendar is already moving toward its 3rd Season. Advent has past and Epiphany draws near. Our readings on this last Sunday of Christmas highlights praise for God’s glory.

Jeremiah hardly seems like a prophet that would encourage joyful praise; yet that is exactly what this week’s passage promotes. “Sing aloud with gladness” and “raise shouts” and “give praise”. The admonitions remind us that we have a covenant with God. It is during these times of despair that we can sing praise to claim promised restoration.

Our Psalm carries the same theme but narrows our focus to the city of peace. We are being encouraged to praise God for provision of our daily needs as seen in our local setting. Our daily bread being divinely provided is encouraging. We can claim the promise of future provision of a society where God’s glory will be welcomed and celebrated.

The Ephesian saints were reminded that Jesus Christ is the source of all blessing. Christ is the mystery of God’s will wrapped in love as the Christmas gift of redemption. The Church is God’s covenant people today to the praise of God’s glory. We can, like the saints in Jeremiah’s and the Psalmist’s day, be thankful for divine promises. The gospel of salvation brings us closer to New Jerusalem coming to earth.

John’s Gospel tie the passages altogether. God was manifested as a human but humanity did not recognise their own Creator. Jeremiah and the prophets had to remind God’s own people of God’s presence. In John’s day, however, that manifestation of true Light allowed creation to see God’s glory in the flesh. From the fullness of God’s glory, we have all received grace upon grace.

Perhaps instead of praying for a New Year’s resolution, you can pray that you will recommit to making time for God. Make time to praise God’s glory and listen to God each day as you read the words of covenant and claim the promised redemption.

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