Miracle of Ordinary

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Year C Epiphany 2 –  Isaiah 62:1-5; Psalm 36:5-10; 1 Corinthians 12:1-11; John 2:1-11

Season 2, Episode 8

The miracle in Cana reported by John’s Gospel took place in ordinary surroundings. Often we look beyond the ordinary for God’s power but miracles are usually exercised in our ordinary life. Jesus and his disciples, along with his mother, looked like a group of ordinary friends attending an ordinary event. There is a miracle of ordinary in Christ.

The Corinthian text reminds us that God uses ordinary people to exercise holy gifts. People of different backgrounds possessing different talents with seemingly no connection are banded together around Christ. An ordinary community of people with everyday problems from everyday living come together for extraordinary purposes. There is a miracle of ordinary in the Church.

The Psalmist sings of ordinary sites. There are clouds, mountains, water, people, and  animals in his lyrics. These are all ordinary objects to our senses. And yet the melody of God’s miraculous faithfulness, steadfast love, and righteous judgments gives sense to the harmony of the ordinary. There is a miracle of ordinary in creation.

The Prophet describes ordinary emotions associated with defeat and despair. He speaks of unrest, forsakenness, and desolation. But the ordinary feelings are rectified by extraordinary intervention. There is a promise delivered of miraculous vindication, salvation, and an elevation of those on society’s fringe to a position of royalty. There is a miracle of ordinary in calamities.

It appears from our texts that it is the ordinary is where miracles are found. Are you despondent from circumstances and events that have taken place in your life this past week? Instead of looking beyond your circumstances for evidence of the miraculous, why not carefully and prayerfully consider your ordinary circumstances?

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