Holy Lips

close up photo of person s lips

Year C Epiphany 5 –  Isaiah 6:1-13; Psalm 138; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11; Luke 5:1-11

Isaiah had a terrifying vision. Transported into Heaven’s throne room itself, he found himself before a holy God. He became painfully conscious of his unclean state and imagined the worst. But God, in mercy, touched his lips, making them clean. Isaiah was then empowered to become God’s mouthpiece to God’s covenant people!

The Psalmist gives whole-hearted thanksgiving. Like Isaiah, he recognises the angelic like creatures around God’s throne. Referring to them as gods who sing God’s praise, the Psalmist praises how the High God of Heaven regards the lowly on earth. The words of praise are made possible by the word of God to fulfil His purpose.

Luke’s story of Peter falling before Jesus Christ in worship is similar to Isaiah’s vision. Feeling unclean and unworthy after witnessing the holy power of Jesus, Peter was scared to remain in Christ’s presence. However, Jesus gave him words of reassurance that removed the fear, as Isaiah’s fear was removed by God in Heaven.

Paul too considered himself unworthy as he worked as an enemy of Christ. But Christ, in mercy, cleansed his sight and called him to preach the Gospel. That Gospel is one of resurrection power. And that power can cleanse us from our fears and enable us to proclaim God’s message.

Are you feeling unworthy to serve God? Are you embarrassed about choices you have made in the past? Are you unable to see yourself as a dedicated saint of God? You are in good company! Isaiah, Peter, and Paul all felt the same and all were touched by God to do great things. God has touched you through the resurrection of His Son. Will you receive that gift?

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