Daily Discussions 2

2022 | Term 1 | Week 2 | February 21-25

This week, kids learned in Luke 6:27-38 about Jesus’ call to love even our enemies. Jesus taught that we are to treat our enemies and friends in the ways that we want to be treated. Jesus knew most are likely to love and care for their friends, but He said even sinners treat their friends well. Kids learned that they can be generous and kind even when others aren’t kind and loving to them. And Jesus calls us to humbly recognize that He has treated us in kindness and love, even when we haven’t reciprocated to Him. So we can follow His example of how to love others, and when we do, we will be blessed. Bible Memory Verse: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31

  • Review Luke 6:31 today.
  • What are some things you and your friends do to show love to one another?
  • Ask Jesus to help you use one of these ideas to show love to an enemy. 

  • Review Luke 6:31 today.
  • Tell about a time you were surprised by someone’s kindness toward you.
  • Ask God to help you to find someone (who isn’t a friend) to surprise with loving kindness.

  • Review Luke 6:31 today.
  • What’s it like for you when it feels like someone is judging you?
  • Ask Jesus to make you aware of times you’re judging others and turn that judgment into love.

  • Review Luke 6:31 today.
  • Why are you thankful to Jesus for being good to you, even when you weren’t being good to Him?
  • Thank Jesus for His forgiveness and loving kindness toward you.

  • Review Luke 6:31 today.
  • How might you protect yourself from harm, yet also show kindness to an enemy?
  • Thank God for His protection and ask for wisdom when showing kindness to enemies.

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