Daily Discussions 3

2022 | Term 1 | Week 3 | February 28 – March 4

This week, kids learned in Luke 9:28-29 that the mountaintop moments we experience are not a stopping place but a starting point on our journey with Jesus. One day, after performing many miracles, Jesus took Peter, John, and James up on a mountain to pray. While they were there, the appearance of Jesus’ face changed and he was glowing like a flash of lightning. Two men who went to heaven a long time ago, Moses and Elijah, joined Jesus. When Peter saw this happening, he couldn’t believe his eyes! He wanted to stay in that holy moment forever and offered to build three tents: one for Jesus, one for Moses, and one for Elijah. Kids learned that our mountaintop experiences are not stopping places. If they had stayed up on that mountain, they would have missed out on all that was still to come! Bible Memory Verse: “About eight days after Jesus said this, He took Peter, John and James with Him and went up onto a mountain to pray.” Luke 9:28

  • Review Luke 9:28 today.
  • Tell about a day you had that was so special you never wanted it to end. 
  • Thank God for allowing us to experience “mountaintop moments.”

  • Review Luke 9:28 today.
  • Why do you think Peter wanted to stay on the mountain?
  • Ask God to remind you that the best is yet to come when we love Jesus.

  • Review Luke 9:28 today.
  • How do you think the disciples felt when they saw Jesus glowing?
  • Thank God for sharing His miracles with us.

  • Review Luke 9:28 today.
  • If you could spend the day with Jesus, what would you do?
  • Thank God for loving us so much that He sent Jesus to be with us.

  • Review Luke 9:28 today.
  • How can we respond when Jesus does something miraculous?
  • Thank God for all of the ways He blesses your life. 

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