Being Fearless

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Year C – Lent 2 | Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18; Psalm 27; Philippians 3:17 – 4:1; Luke 13:31-35

Season 2, Episode 15

Being fearless means possessing a character that understands the adversities attempting to prevent progress and consciously choosing to proceed forward. It takes a great strength of mind and resolve of will to act out of courage instead of fear. It helps when there is a cause connected to divinity.

Abram faced a terrifying experience. With dead animals before him and living ones attempting to scavage them, a supernatural visitation walked between his sacrifice as a flaming fire. He was warned beforehand, “Do not be afraid.” Abram boldly claimed God’s promise which gave him the resolve to handle a dark time.

Psalm 27 preserves a song sung about being fearless when God is our Saviour. When we hide ourselves in God, there is no connection to the terror that lies outside our walls. Even when we are surrounded by circumstances and people that wait to attack us, we find inner peace and calm in the teachings of God’s way. There is courage to be found when waiting on God to act.

Christians are warned: there are enemies of Christ’s cross. That symbol of our faith is also one of hatred and misunderstanding for those without Christian faith. Our response to those who oppose our Lord is humility, love, and joy. Those are powerful weapons that cut into the hearts of those who live in pride, lust, and unrest.

Jesus lived a life exemplifying fearlessness. The gospel text for this week tells of a time when Jesus sent a personal message to King Herod. The message was that Jesus knew about Herod’s deceptive ways and that no power on earth will prevent God’s plan from being implemented.

Though Jesus was crucified, he rose from the dead. What is there for us, as his covenant people, to be afraid of? Let us follow the ways of God and teachings of scripture with faith. Courage is required to respond in love to those who hate.

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