God’s Substance

Year C – Trinity Sunday  |  Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31; Psalm 8; Romans 5:1-5; John 16:12-15

Season 2, Episode 28

Trinity Sunday is Christianity’s opportunity to proclaim its unique understanding of Divinity. Our faith teaches God as a Triune Being. God is not three beings but one. And yet the substance of God is manifested through three Persons! 

Proverbs 8 introduces Wisdom as pre-incarnate and present at Creation’s beginning. Wisdom is not physical yet real. As we pray for understanding through life’s journey, we are seeking to connect with an ancient manifestation of the Godhead.

Psalm 8 points to those creatures made by God to inhabit earth. The admonition is that all are subject to a Sovereign Lord. As the King of creation, even humans are subject to God. The admonition recognises a god-like existence for humanity. We are capable of accomplishing anything we imagine, but all we do is meant to give God glory.

Romans 5 explains how we find peace in life through a practical application of Trinitarian doctrine. Peace comes from God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. It names the personalities associated with humanity’s Creator. That Wisdom from the beginning is revealed as the shared Spirit of God and Christ. The Father created the elements, the Son fashioned them into form, and the Spirit breathed life into the form to create a living soul.

John’s Gospel reminds us that to worship God we must do so in word and truth for God is a Spirit. God’s Spirit is known as the Spirit of Truth. Jesus is called the Way, the Truth, and the  Life. Jesus, the physical manifestation of the Godhead, ascended into heaven so that the Spiritual manifestation of the Godhead could work in us. The mark of a Spirit-filled individual is the glorification of Jesus Christ. This is because all that belongs to the Sovereign Lord also belongs to Christ.

Are you seeking to make sense of life and living? Look to your Creator whose Godhead is one of relationship between three persons.

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