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Introduction to Board of Managers

Series of episodes giving overview of duties and responsibilities for managers of St Johns Papatoetoe.

Episode 1
Welcome, clarification of terminology, overview of purpose, key resources.
Open Here

Episode 2
Introduction, mangers as stewards, biblical background.
Open Here

Episode 3
Courts of the Church, stipends & allowances, assembly assessment.
Open Here

Episode 4
Managers relationship with Session, congregation, ministries, trusts.
Open Here

Episode 5
Executive duties of Treasurer, Envelope Secretary, Chairperson, Minutes Keeper.
Coming Apr 2022

Episode 6
Duties of non-executive board members, subcommittees, congregational budget.
Coming May 2022


Detailed overview of duties and responsibilities for managers of St Johns Papaptoetoe.
Coming Apr 2022

Book of Order
Complete document detailing expectations for church operations and subject only to Confession of Fatih and the Holy Bible.

Code of Ethics
A supplement to BOO required by every manager to read, accept and comply.

Church Management Support Guide
A guide for our treasurer and THE business resource for administrators and managers.

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