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Year B Reign of Christ –2 Samuel 23:1-7; Psalm 132; Revelation 1:4b-8; John 18:33-37

David was human. He made mistakes. Many judge him harshly for those mistakes. They read into his life’s actions deceptive intent. Yet scriptures are clear David wrote with divine prophecy. His words were oracles.

Often we judge people’s character for actions seen during a time of crisis. David’s story tells us that is not wise. When someone is hurting, they may express their hurt in ways they will regret. That is not who they are but where they are at. There is a difference.

We are reminded from our Old Testament reading that if one is to judge, they must realise that they will be one day judged by God. “The fear of the Lord” is the mark of a just ruler.

This week’s Psalm agrees. It sings of David’s divine favour manifested through enduring of hardships. Its melody remembers the act of making worship of God the centre of his kingdom’s society.

While many judge David’s character by fleeting moments of impropriety, they miss the lifetime of devotion to God. It does not justify David’s shortcomings. Neither does it merit universal condemnation of his entire life. Especially when he is the progenerator of the human family adopted by God’s Son.

Revelation manifests Jesus Christ as the king of all kings on the earth who will return in the clouds. The same author reminds us that the ministry of King Jesus is one of truth. Truth is the reason Jesus established his kingdom on earth. Truth is not relative. Truth is not cultural. Truth is a Way of Life. Jesus is the Truth.

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