Misrepresenting God

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees

Year C Epiphany 6 –  Jeremiah 17:5-10; Psalm 1; 1 Corinthians 15:12-20; Luke 6:17-26

Season 2, Episode 11

Sometimes people theorise their belief system to the point of misrepresenting their faith’s very essence. The Corinthian Church in Paul’s day was in danger of doing just that. So much talk about the nature of Christ’s resurrection can cause doubt of its reality. To misrepresent resurrection from the dead is to misrepresent God Himself.

Jesus taught the way to blessing and happiness is through God’s Kingdom. The kingdom Christ introduced dealt with the soul of people. Christ’s kingdom addresses the condition of humanity. The obvious message is that no blessing and no happiness; no peace can come to earth in governmental form until its citizens are in right relation to God.

The Psalmist illustrates our choice as citizens – individuals and collective members – as two paths. There is a path that leads to blessing and there is a path that leads to judgment. To pretend there is no divine judgment on our actions is to misrepresent God. God’s word is the source of blessing and place we should be meditating day and night.

Jeremiah uses the same imagery as Psalm 1. He plainly states there is a curse for those “whose hearts are turned away from the LORD”. He describes the way of blessing as a fruitful tree planted by water. Trusting God is the key to happiness. 

At the heart of the Christian Faith is its Gospel. The Christian Gospel is resurrection from the dead. Spiritually, this a regeneration from the human condition to such a state where God’s ways, God’s laws, and God’s word is a delight. But to limit resurrection to spiritual regeneration is to misrepresent God. The power of regeneration is rooted in the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ’s body.

Are you seeking happiness and contentment for your life? Are you looking to escape suffering from guilt and mental pain? There is hope in Christ’s resurrection. There is power to transform your mind and readjust the path you are taking through life.

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